LED Blaze – 360 Series

Series Features

  • Latest high output LED technology.
  • 690.AASC features dual colour beacons allowing colour changing control.
  • Low current draw.
  • Robust polycarbonate base and lens.
  • Available in 5 lens colours. Colour combinations available upon request.
  • Available with clear lens and coloured LEDs.
  • Multi-voltage.
Operational Voltage: 12–24V
Current Draw : 3.2A @ 12V
Light Source : LED
Mount : 2 x 13mm Bolts
Lens : Polycarbonate
Base : Polycarbonate


Led Blaze - 360 Series
  Amber Blue Green Red Red/Blue Amber/Green
Clear Lens 691.AA0C 691.AA1C 691.AA4C 691.AA5C 691.AA7C 691.AASC
Coloured Lens 691.AA00 691.AA10 691.AA40 691.AA50 691.AA70  
Colour Change         690.AA7C 690.AASC