Halogen Worklamps

Halogen Worklamps - Nordic


Free-Form Optics

Nordic Lights through their expertise in lens and reflector technology offer a range of light patterns to satisfy the varied and specialist lighting requirements of the mining, heavy duty and commercial industries.

Utilising the latest in free-form optics technology Nordic Lights has created a new range of HID and Halogen flood and wide flood patterns of greater depth, width and evenness than ever before.

Whatever your lighting requirement, there is a Nordic Lights worklamp to suit your application.

Heavy Duty Mounts

Most Nordic Halogen worklamps are supplied with vibration dampening mounts as standard.

These heavy duty mounting systems absorb vibration & shocks preventing damage to the worklamp and prolonging bulb life.

Heavy Duty Bulb

Nordic halogen worklamps use only high quality heavy duty bulbs supplied from the one of the world’s leading manufacturers. These bulbs have been specifically designed to endure high levels of vibration which commonly occurs in mining and construction vehicles.


Nordic N500 Headlamp



Nordic N300



Nordic N300 with handle



Nordic N200



Nordic N100



Nordic N25