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Xenon - HID

High Intensity Discharge also known as Gas Discharge offers many technological advantages over conventional halogen lights, such as - higher colour temperature, reduced heat, and considerably longer life.

With halogen bulbs up to 70% of the power input is wasted in heat. With the unique no filament gas discharge lamp less power is required and less heat is generated.

One 35W GDL produces as much luminous flux as two standard 100W halogen bulbs, meaning twice the illumination of a 100W halogen for only 1/3 of the power consumption.

This is because the light is produced by an arc in a small gas filled quartz tube, as opposed to passing an electric current through a filament to make it glow. Due to the fact there is no filament to break, the average life of a gas discharge lamp is 5000 hours (*depending upon switching cycle), about 10 times that of a standard halogen bulb.

HID technology also produces a light very similar to daylight in it’s colour rendering, making it easier to see and more comfortable on your eyes, reducing strain&increasing safety.

Free-Form Optics

Nordic Lights through their expertise in lens and reflector technology offer a range of light patterns to satisfy the varied and specialist lighting requirements of the mining, heavy duty and commercial industries.

Utilising the latest in free-form optics technology Nordic Lights has created a new range of HID and Halogen flood and wide flood patterns of greater depth, width and evenness than ever before.

Whatever your lighting requirement, there is a Nordic Lights worklamp to suit your application.

Heavy Duty Mounts

Most Nordic Halogen worklamps are supplied with vibration dampening mounts as standard.

These heavy duty mounting systems absorb vibration & shocks preventing damage to the worklamp and prolonging bulb life.



Nordic N200 HID


Nordic N400 HID


Nordic N400 HID with handle


Nordic N45 HID


HID Scene Light


Nordic N100F HID


Nordic N2400 HID


Nordic N1300 HID