Forklift Lighting

Series Features

  • Compact oval shape design.
  • 2 pieces 10W/5W Cree LED chip, long lasting powerful light.
  • The light is bright and highly visible as it precedes the vehicle, making pedestrians safer.
  • Uses vehicle power to operate. Light runs anytime forklift is turned on, no one has to remember to activate it.
  • Multi-voltage from 10-80V DC, can be used on both ends of a vehicle especially on forklifts, walkies, loaders, AGVs and other industrial vehicles.
  • Blue colour and white colour available.
LED Power: 10 Watt Cree (5W/PC)
Input Voltage: 10-60V DC
Light Output: 700 Lumen
Beam: 5° Flood, 5° Spot
Reflector: PC
Lifetime: Approx. 50,000 Hours
Water Protection: IP67
Size: 98mm * 80mm * 70mm


Part No. 96-6105R


Part No. 96-6069-1
Part No. Part Description
96-6069-1 LED Forklift Light 10-30V 9W Arrow beam Blue Color


Part No. 96-6069-2
Part No. Part Description
96-6069-2 LED Forklift Light 10-30V 9W Line beam Blue Color