Mobile LED VMS WeNiPol II Proline with Folding Frame

Series Features

  • Variable Message Sign with photometric device, for mounting on vehicles.
  • Display of all usual traffic signs, bypassing symbols and texts, also dynamic.
  • High daytime visibility of all signs, text and symbols by patented anti-glare plate, no phantom light.
  • High-grade steel frame with motor-driven lifting and lowering device (utility model).
  • Viewing window protected when the sign is lowered.
  • Assembly of the WeNiPol II Proline with up to 4 colours possible.
  • Display of texts also possible in a flashing mode or alternating with symbols.
  • Also available with integrated yellow and/or blue LED advance warning lamps (ST+).

Type WeNiPol II ST WeNiPol II ST+
Voltage 12-24V
Housing(mm) 822(L) x 822(W) x 100(H) aluminium, black 882(L) x 822(W) x 100(H) aluminium, black
Current Consumption (12V) Bat 100% Brightness (pending on symbol/text) Traffic Sign 274-58 1,3 A-3,8A
Traffic Sign 276 1,2 A-2,9A
Traffic Sign 124 1,1 A-2,8A
Traffic Sign 274-58 1,3 A-6,1A
Traffic Sign 276 1,2 A-5,3A
Traffic Sign 124 1,1 A-5,2A
Approx Weight 50kg
LED Raster 20mm
LED/m2 2500pcs
Automatic Day/Night Adaption Manually adjustable or automatic adaption 5-100%
Data Storage With memory stick, prepared for free programming of up to 250 symbols/texts
Photometric Tests Tested according to European Norm EN 12966
Possible LED Colours Red/White/Yellow/Blue
LED Advance Warning Lamps (Optional) : - Available in Yellow and/or Blue
Size Of Symbols 750mm




Choose From 3 Remotes
The Basic-Remote is equipped with a graphical LCD display with LED backlighting and a membrane keyboard. The Pro-Remote is the same as the Basic but also come with a touchscreen display and radio link/cable connection. The Eco-Remote is equipped with a graphical LCD display and membrane keyboard.


Folding Frame Included

  • Maximum speed in lifted position up to 80 km/h, in lowered position up to 160 km/h.
  • Optional with GPS speed sensor, for automatic lowering when the maximum speed is exceeded.
  • Remote control with LCD display for cable or radio/cable operation.
  • Very low construction Height


Type Ref No. Description
WeNiPol II Proline ST 12/24V, Red/White/Yellow 129 503-003-01 WeNiPol II Proline consists of: LED board in a high-grade steel frame with up to 250 firmly programmed traffic signs, symbols and texts in static and dynamic versions.
WeNiPol II Proline ST 12/24V, Red/White 129 503-002-01
WeNiPol II Proline ST+ 12/24V, Red/White 129 503-002-02


Accessories And Spare Parts
Type Ref No.
Software and accessories for free programming of VMS WeNiPol II ZTS 129 501-81
Programmer 036 520-1
GPS Speed Sensor 229 484-2