Micro - Limit Switches


Proximity Limit Switch

The Proximity Limit Switch utilises magnetic switching to sense and trigger off ferrous metals. All components are sealed and protected within the rugged brass housing eliminating instances of mechanical failure. The single sensing area which extends from one side of the enclosure detects ferrous materials within a range of 10mm. Using the Target Magnet this sensing range can be further extended to 90mm.
Multiple Lever Types

A wide selection of lever types are available in the Micro & Limit ranges including roller, double pivot roller, standard lever, spring lever, and a variety of plungers . Each actuator has an extensive service life with a minimum of 500,000 operations.
Single Pole Change Over, Double Make Double Break as well as Normally Open / Normally Closed circuitry is offered within the Micro & Limit ranges.



Limit - TZ-7 Series


Limit - TZ-9 Series


Limit - Proximity