UHF / VHF Commercial Handheld Radios

BX710 5/1W VHF Commercial Handheld Radio
Not only is the BX710 packed with features, its circuit design incorporates a super sensitive VHF receiver with front end filtering and a powerful 5 Watt VHF transmitter.
What sets the BX710 apart from the rest of the pack is its superior performance. The BX710 has a full five Watt RF output. For close range communications the transmitter can be switched to one Watt to increase the available talk time. The receive sensitivity and front end filtering of the BX710 meets GME's high standards and you will find the unit is unbeatable in all areas.
The BX710 comes complete with a a flexible antenna, 1700 Li-Ion Battery Pack and a Fast Charger.

  • 128 channel VHF radio
  • Scanning
  • 5W RF output
  • Dual watch
  • Frequency range 146-174 MHz
  • Low battery warning
  • 12-25 kHz channel spacing


TX7200 UHF Commercial Handheld Radio
The TX7200 is built to last with a robust die-cast chassis and tough ABD/Polycarbonate construction. Designed for simple 'no fuss' operation, the TX7200 comes as a simple six assignable soft key version.
The TX7200 has a 125 channel capacity which can be further extended with all CBRS UHF channels.
The TX7200 is powered by a high quality 1500 mAh NiMH battery pack. Battery life is extended with an automatic receiver 'sleep' mode and 'quiet' mode. Audible and visual alarms warn the user of low batter voltage.
The TX7200 has ultra-miniature surface mounted components using the latest in solder reflow techniques for high performance and reliability. A rugged diecast metal chassis houses the circuit boards inside a tough polycarbonate case. The TX7200 meets the MIL-STD810C/D/E standards for shock, vibration, humidity, dust and moisture.
An extensive range of accessories is available for the TX7200. Connect the TX7200 to the MC001 Speaker/Microphone and the user has a fully featured Mobile installation.
The TX7000 can be used within any portable network and is the perfect partner for both the TX3600 and RP3600 repeater.

  • Open/group scan
  • Battery level indicator
  • 5 digit Selcall with quiet mode
  • Monitor button
  • 3 level adjustable digital squelch
  • Priority channel key for instant channel recall
  • Key lock
  • CTCSS with silent mode
  • Selectable hi/lo transmitter power
  • Australian made