bbs-tek Self Adjusting White Sound Reverse Alarm

Series Features

  • Unique multi-frequency white sound.
  • Continuously self-adjusts to 5-10dB above
    ambient sound pressure levels.
  • Sound confined to the danger zone.
  • Instantly locatable sound.
  • Environmentally sealed - IP68.
  • Epoxy filled for maximum vibration resistance.
  • Can be steam & pressure cleaned.
  • Multi-voltage.
  • Lifetime warranty.
Body:  Medium Duty - AES
Heavy Duty - Glass Reinforced Nylon
Cable Length: 1m
Vibration: 10G
EMC: CE, C-Tick & 'e' marked
Standards: Conforms to SAE J994 environmental
Max. Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Ingress Protection: IP68


Sounds like shh...shh, not beep...beep
Take the guess work out of choosing the best sound pressure level (SPL) for your application.

Ideal for vehicles or machinery working in areas with widely differing ambient noise levels, where a fixed-volume reversing alarm will be either too quiet in loud environments (very hazardous), or too noisy in quiet environments (irritating and a nuisance).

Brigade bbs-tek® self-adjusting reversing alarms utilisea small hidden and highly robust microphone to measure ambient SPL. They then self-adjust their own SPL, up or down, to maintain an output of just 5-10dB louder than the surrounding environment.

Loud enough to be heard, but not so loud as to cause a nuisance.



Heavy Duty
Part No. Voltage SPL-dB(A) @ 1m Frequency - kHz Current Draw (A) Sounder Unit
BBS107SA 12-24 87 - 107 Multi 1.0 Driver


Medium Duty
Part No. Voltage SPL-dB(A) @ 1m Frequency - kHz Current Draw (A) Sounder Unit
BBS97SA 12-24 77 - 97 Multi 1.0 Speaker
BBS97SAHV 36-80 77 - 97 Multi 0.15 Speaker