Marine Rated Battery Fuse

Series Features

  • Designed for the most demanding environments providing high current protection in the tightest space constraints.
  • Suitable for main and auxiliary circuit protection such as alternator outputs, starter motor inputs and accessory circuits.
  • Breaking capacities meet the requirements of conventional vehicle batteries and 12V, 24V and 42V electrical networks.
  • Full range circuit protection for automotive and marine applications.
  • Colour-coded to current rating.
  • 58V maximum voltage rating.
  • Ceramic body
  • UL-Rated 94VO Thermoplastic Housing
  • LED indication for blown fuses.
  • 14V interrupt rating to 10,000A.
  • Great for Marine based situations.



Marine Rated Battery Fuses
Part No. Desciption  
MRBF-040 Light Blue Marine Battery Fuse  
MRBF-080 Lime Marine Battery Fuse  
MRBF-100 Yellow Marine Battery Fuse  
MRBF-125 Green Marine Battery Fuse  
MRBF-175 White Marine Battery Fuse  
MRBF-200  Blue Marine Battery Fuse  
MRBF-225 Tan Marine Battery Fuse  
MRBF-250 Pink Marine Battery Fuse