Hand Lamps

Hand Held Work Lamps - 424mm x 31mm
• HH1061/12
• Hand Held Work Lamp
• HH1061/240
• Hand Held Work Lamp
product Description: These hand held work lamps are powered by 61 high brightness SMD LED’s, encased in a protective oil resistant rubber housing with non slip handle and available with a 240 volt option or alligator clip for 12 volt applications.
part no HH1061/12 HH1061/240
Voltage: 12 volt only 240 volt with transformer
Cable: 3 metres of sheathed wire with alligator clips 7 metres of sheathed wire with transformer
packaging: Blister pack of 1 Blister pack of 1
illuminance: @ 1 metre - 62lx
Current: @13.8Volts 0.31Amps
Warranty: 3 year warranty