Combo Blaze

Series Features

  • Rotators and LEDs able to be switched independently.
  • Switching rotators off significantly reduces current draw.
  • Incorporating high output LED technology.
  • Advanced Free-form optics.
  • Low profile aerodynamic styling.
  • Available in 6 lens colours. Dual colour combinations available upon request.
  • Robust polycarbonate base and lens.
  LEDs Only Rotators Only
Max. Current Draw : 0.7A @ 12V 9.2A @ 12V
Light Source : LED 2 x H1 Bulb
Flash Rate : 160FPM 160FPM
Mount : 2 x 13mm Bolts 2 x 13mm Bolts
Lens : Polycarbonate  Polycarbonate 
Base : Polycarbonate  Polycarbonate 
Wire Length : 300mm 300mm


Combo Blaze - Uni-Directional
    Amber Blue Green Red Red/Blue to front Red/Blue to front
2 LED Modules 12V 601.AA01.1AAA 601.AA11.1AAA 601.AA41.1AAA 601.AA51.1AAA 601.AA71.1AAA 601.AA71.ZAAA
24V 601.AA02.1AAA 601.AA12.1AAA 601.AA42.1AAA 601.AA52.1AAA 601.AA72.1AAA 601.AA72.ZAAA
1 LED Module 12V 601.AA01.2AAA 601.AA11.2AAA 601.AA41.2AAA 601.AA41.2AAA NA NA
24V 601.AA02.2AAA 601.AA12.2AAA 601.AA42.2AAA 601.AA42.2AAA NA NA


Combo Blaze - Multi-Directional
    Amber Blue Green Red Red/Blue
4 LED Modules 12V 601.AA01.1ZAA 601.AA11.1ZAA 601.AA41.1ZAA 601.AA51.1ZAA 601.AA71.1ZAA
24V 601.AA02.1ZAA 601.AA12.1ZAA 601.AA42.1ZAA 601.AA52.1ZAA 601.AA72.1ZAA
2 LED Modules 12V 601.AA01.22AA 601.AA11.22AA 601.AA41.22AA 601.AA51.22AA NA
24V 601.AA02.22AA 601.AA12.22AA 601.AA42.22AA 601.AA52.22AA NA