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LED Technology

Unrivalled lifespan of up to 100,000 hours together with low power consumption and resistance to high levels of shock and vibration make LEDs the ideal light source for emergency lighting. Their compact size allows them to be used in a wide range of applications from surface mount flashing lamps to rotating beacons.
Evolution Design

The Evolution range is Australia’s lowest profile lightbar to include rotators, measuring only 108mm in total height.
The Evolution and Blaze range has the capacity to incorporate a wide range of technologies alongside our outstanding Free-form optics.
Our manufacturing department are able to integrate optional strobes, alley lights, illuminated signage, LEDs and worklamps into any Evolution lightbar allowing for virtually unlimited build combinations.
Hybrid Drive

Patented Hybrid Drive technology – no gears, no belts, no brushes to wear out.
Vision Alert Rotating LED products avoid problems typically found in gear or belt driven beacons by using a direct-drive stepper motor. A direct-drive stepper motor has much greater reliability than a brushed DC motor with either a gear or belt assembly, because the only moving parts are the shaft and rotor which are supported by two sealed bearings.
The stepper motor uses magnetic induction to rotate the rotor and shaft so there are no gears to slip or belts to break and no electrical brushes or other contacts to wear out.
Colours Available

The Vision-Alert range of emergency lighting products can be purchased in a range of colour options. Currently colours other than amber may only be purchased by contacting us directly.


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