Series Features

  • The Light-Ball is a self-inflating balloon which has been designed especially for security at rescue-sites, roadwork and construction sites, tunnels and building engineering.
  • Light-Ball always gives a uniform and glare-free light using halogen lamps.
  • Integrated vacuum blast inflating cover that takes just seconds to inflate. The blast also cools the bulb thus giving it a long life-time.
  • Quick and easy to install without the need for tools or special knowledge.
  • Can be mounted onto tripods, vehicles machines and even people.
  • The light diffusing cover in combination with approved light engineering provides illumination of surface areas up to 3000m2 with a single balloon.
  • Very light weight and packaged for easy transportation with little space required to store and move around.



Choose Your Illumination
1. Light Colour - Halogen light (artificial light) is a warm light, turning a little yellowish, whereas HMI and HTI (daylight) are rather harsh white light.

2. Colour Temperature - Colour temperature of halogen is 3200 K, HMI = 5600 K and HTI = 4000 K.

3. Light Intensity - Light intensity (lumen) of halogen lamps is approx. 25 lumen per Watt, of HMI and HTI approx. 100 lumen per Watt.

4. The Ballast - Halogen lamps do not need a start ballast whereas all daylight lamps (HMI and HTI) require a start ballast.

5. Lifetime Of Light Sources - An additional difference is the lifetime of the light sources. The halogen lamp 1000W has a lifetime of approx. 300 hours; the HMI-lamp has a lifetime of approx. 750 hours and the HTI-lamp approx. 6000 hours.

6. Start After Power Failure - Light-Ball halogen allows a restart immediately after failure. A restart of Light-Ball HTI can be achieved after approx. 3 to 10 minutes.


In Detail
Type Light-Ball Halogen Light-Ball HTI Light-Ball HMI
Part No 071 060-5 071 060-11 071 060-12
Protection Class IP 54 IP 54 IP 53
Diameter 1.0m x 0.7m 1.1m 1.1m
Power Of Lamps 4000W 1000W 1200W
Protection Si 10A Si 10A Si 10A
Voltage 230V 230V 230V
Connecting Cable 12 x 1.5 3G 1.5 3G 1.5
Light Source Halogen 4 x 1000W HTI 1 x 1000W HMI/MSR 1 x 1200W
Average Lifetime 300 hrs 6000 hrs 750 hrs
Necessary Power Set 5 kW Ballast 3 kW 3 - 3.5 kW
Lamp Socket R 7s E 40 G 38
Illuminated Area 3000m2 2200m2 2500m2
Operating Height 4.5 - 5.5m 2.5 - 5m 2.5 - 5m
Weight (Approx) 20kg 8 + 12kg 8 + 19kg
Inflation Time (secs) 15 - 20 45 45
Wind Resistance 70 km/hr 100 km/hr 100 km/hr


Type Spare Cover for Halogen 2000W Spare Cover for HMI & HTI Spare Cover for Halogen 4000W Adaptor / Fire Brigade Halogen Bulb, 230V 1000W HTI-Bulb 1000W HMI-Bulb 1200W
Part No 071 061-11-02 071 061-12 071 061-13 071 061-3 090 270-4 090 271-1 090 272-1