Mobile LED Sequential Hazard Set

 Series Features

  • Easy activation and synchronization (process occurs in the transport and charging case by using the toggle switch).
  • Gives clear recognition to other drivers on upcoming incident.
  • Lights are synchronized to guide drivers safely past the incident.
  • Accidently driving over the guiding lights cause no damage upto 40 tons to the device or vehicle, and are completely waterproof.
  • A set consists of 5 LED Guide Light Devices (yellow ,blue or red) in a combined transport and charging case with charging cable.
  • The small case is suitable for limited spaces like the outer or inner storage compartment of trucks or the interior of emergency vehicles.
  • The charging cable can be connected with the cigarette lighter or the on-board socket.

Power Supply: 10 - 30 Volt DC
Operating Time: > 12 hours
Stability of Sequence: > 4 hours
Battery Type: Nickel-Cadmium (LED Guide Light Elements)
Charging Time (Approx): 10 hours for completely discharged battery
Current Consumption: Approx. 0,5 A at completely discharged battery
10mA at completely charged battery
On-Time: 100ms
Max. Light Intensity: Yellow approx. 500 cd, blue approx. 100 cd
Light Opening: 15° horizontal / vertical
Guide Light Time: 120ms from element to element
Pulse Rate: 60 pulses/min, 1Hz
Insulation: IP66 (LED Guide Light Elements)
Dimensions: LED Guide Light Elements 100 x 90 x 25mm
Transport and charging case 260 x 160 x 125mm
Weight: 2,5kg


LED Synchros In Action


LED Synchros Set
Type Ref No. Description
Synchros Sequential Hazard Set YELLOW, 12/24V 141 060-1 Consisting of 1 case with 5 LED-Guide Light Devices
Synchros Sequential Hazard Set BLUE, 12/24V 141 060-2
Main Charger 070 157-1 For charging by 230V AC