Beacon Range - Vision-Alert


LED Technology

Unrivalled lifespan of up to 100,000 hours together with low power consumption and resistance to high levels of shock and vibration make LEDs the ideal light source for emergency lighting. Their compact size allows them to be used in a wide range of applications from surface mount flashing lamps to rotating beacons.
Dual Voltage

All Vision Alert halogen beacon & lightbar ranges use our proven dual voltage belt drive incorporating an updated version of our market leading, whisper-quiet rotators. By changing the drive belt to the desired pulley and fitting the required voltage H1 bulb, any Vision Alert beacon or lightbar can be configured to suit 12 or 24V.
Free-Form Optics

All Vision Alert beacon & lightbar ranges incorporate FREE-FORM optical technology. This advancement in reflector design produces a more powerful and larger square beam increasing light output by 20% over previous designs.
Magnetic Bases

Vision Alert magnetic based beacons are available in three speed ratings. Maximum safe road speed is indicated in each relevant product table and on the product itself. For beacons to mount successfully they must be attached to a clean, flat, dry, non porous, ferrous surface.



LED Beacons


H1 Halogen Bulb


Xenon Tube Beacons


Protective Beacon Grills