Deutsch Diodes & Resistors

Series Features

  • Useful anywhere there’s a need to regulate power or protect a device against potential power surges or transient voltages.
  • Diodes allow current flow in one direction only protecting an electronic device from potential damage.
  • Easily retrofitted.
  • Resistors to suit DT and DTM series.
  • Industry proven.
  • Environmentally sealed.
  • Latched mating.
Housing (HDP20) : Thermoplastic
Seal : Silicon Rubber
Wedgelocks : Thermoplastic
Shock : 50G
Vibration : 20G rms 10 - 2000Hz
Diode Peak Reverse Volts : 400 V Max.
Diode Peak Forward Volts : 1.0 V Max.
Diode Avg. Forward Current : 3.0 Amps Max.
Resistor Ohms : 120 Ω
Resistor Watts : 0.4 W
Resistor Tolerance (DTM Series) : 5%
Resistor Tolerance (DT Series): 10%



Diodes & Resistors




Part No. Description Suits Style Colour
DT04-2P-RT02 Diode DT Series Receptacle Black
DTM06-2S-EP10 Resistor DTM Series Plug Black
DT04-3P-P006 Resistor DT Series Receptacle Grey
DT06-3S-P006 Resistor DT Series Plug Grey

Resistors include wedgelock.
For mounting clips suiting Receptacles see Mounting Clips table on page 6.


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