Cigarette Lighters And Accessories

Enquire about other types that may be available.

Part No. CIG.001 CIG.113010 CIG.67711010
Description Cigarette Lighter Plug Accessory Plug Universal Adaptor Plug 16 Amp


Cigarette Lighter Sockets
Part No. AV90.001 CIG.CS3345
Description With Plastic Lid With Rubber Lid


Cigarette Flush Mount Socket
Part No. CIG.2722
Description Standard


Stanley Cigarette Lighter & Socket
Part No. CIG.ACL12 CIG.ACL12-1
Description Standard With Earth Wire


Accessory Sockets
Part No. CIG.114320 CIG.57607000
Description With Metal Body & Plastic Lid With Plastic Body & Rubber Lid